work history

Quimby's Bookstore, Manager (2003-present)

Quimby's Bookstore, Assistant Manager (2001-2003)

Dance Dance Party Party Chicago, Organizer (2014-Present)

The Blue Ribbon Glee Club, Performer (2013-present)

The Found *NSYNC Fan Fiction Radio Hour Podcast, Host, Editor, Producer (2012-present)

Shameless Karaoke KJ Service, Karaoke DJ & Co-Owner (2008-present)

selected self-publishing projects

Awesome Things #3 (2019)

Caboose #11 (2019)

Zine Template (2019)

Caboose #10 The Searching Issue (2018)

Awesome Things #2 (2018)

Awesome Things #1 (2017)

Dance Dance Party Party Zine Zine (2017)

Cul-de-sac #7 (2017)

Ever Evolving Bastion of Freakdom: A Quimby's Bookstore History In Words and Pictures (2016)

Punk Rock Glee Club #2 (2016)

Punk Rock Glee Club #1 (2015)

Caboose #9 Masons On Masons: How to Start a Secret Society (2014)

Long Arm Stapler First Aid Self Care In Zines and Mini Comics (2013)

Smithsonian American Art Museum the Art of Video Games Exhibition Guest Book (2013)

Prizes: Things My Dad Has Had to Take Out of Animals (2012)

Caboose #8: reDraft Picks (2011)

Caboose #7: Britney Spears 101 (2011)

Zine Name: A Zine Template (2010)

Caboose #6: The Health and Recreation Issue (2007)

Caboose #5: The Improvement Issue (2005)

The Bad Lyrics Project (2005)

Quimby's miniMagalog (2002-2007), editor/writer/designer

Caboose #4: The Ridiculous Issue (2003)

Caboose #3: The Module Karaoke Issue (2002)

Caboose #2: The Suckass CDs I've Traded Issue (2002)

Caboose #1 (2002)

Cul-de-sac #1-#6 (1997-2001)

selected published print & web features, as contributor

“Guest Review: Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” Teen Move Hell: A Crucible of Coming-of-Age Comedies From Animal House to Zapped!, 2019

"10 Radical Zines Talking Back to Trump," Broken Pencil Magazine #82, 2019

"Chicago Zine Fest Recap: A Cross-Town Tribute to a Miniature Medium," Third Coast Review, 2018

Xerography Debt zine reviews, issue #29 to current

"Smashing the Patriarchy with Shellenbach, an Interview" Starfish: A Zine About Bikini Kill, 2018

various pieces, The Difference Between book, with Billy Roberts

Various pieces,, 2010 to current

"Clip Art, Karaoke, and Quimby's," The Vellum Underground #3, 2015

"Matter Matters," What Matters, 2015

Various pieces, The Difference Between #3, 2014, with Billy Roberts

"Spoken Like a True Addict," SRVIV #1, 2014

"Chicago's Zine Scene, Viewed From Quimby's Bookstore," Caxtonian: Journal of the Caxton Club, vol XXI, No. 3, March 2013

"Getting Clear: Joining the Cult of Weight Watchers," My Mirage I Mirage #2: A Zine About Body Image, 2013

"My Ten Year Old Copy of Our Bodies, Our Selves" SlutWalk Chicago zine, 2012

"The Terrifying Shocking Tale of the Haunted Tire Replacement" Or Let It Sink: Octobered, 2011

"Introduction to the 2nd Edition," The Manifesti of Radical Literature 2nd edition by Anne Elizabeth Moore (Pressing Concern), 2010

"Arts Professional Story: Tips On Self-Publishing and Selling On Consignment," Chicago Artists Resource, Fall 2010

"Good Advice For Trendy Young People of All Ages Media Review," Lumpen #97, 2006

Various zine reviews, Punk Planet issues #71-#78

"Accupuncture," The Zine Yearbook vol 9, (Microcosm Publishing), 2008

"Zine Review: Slave to the Needles #3,", March 12, 2007

"A Week In the Life of an Independent Bookseller," Punk Planet #75, September/October 2006

"Gary Panter's Jimbo's Inferno Book Review,", March 30, 2006

"Lumpenpedia: Moore, Anne Elizabeth Interview," Lumpen #102 December 2006

"My Bridgeport Experience: A Quimby's Diary and Photos From Select Media Festival 4," Lumpen #98, December 2005

"Unimaginable Zero Summer Media Review," Lumpen #96, 2005

"Rad Libs: College Radio DJ Voiceover" Reglar Wiglar #20, 2004

"I Was Hello Kitty,", 2003

"The Road to Enlightenment Leads To…A Karaoke Bar," The Chicago Tribune, April 2, 2003

selected performances, public appearances & recordings

Story Club South Side x Chicago Zine Fest: Artifact, featured performer, Co-Prosperity Sphere (April 16th, 2019)

Dear Diary Zine Fest, Opening Night Reading, E. M. Wolfman General Interest Small Bookstore (Feb 16th, 2019)

Liquor and Latkes, featured performer, Volumes Bookcafe (Dec 2nd, 2018)

Story Club, South Side: Dia de los Muertos, featured performer, Co-Prosperity Sphere (October 23rd, 2018)

Liner Notes Musical Storytelling Series, featured performer, GMan Tavern (Oct 4th, 2018)

Meanwhile: Popstars Edition, featured performer, Delilah’s (September 25th, 2018)

Catching the Big Fish In the Percolator, Psychotic Break Reading Series, Schubas, featured performer (June 6th, 2018)

Read & Distribute, The Broken Pencil Podcast, episode #10, featured guest interview (March 2018)

The Beachwood Radio Interview Hour, episode #1, featured guest interview (January 2018)

Karaoke Talk: Interview with Rob Drew of Karaoke Nights: An Ethnographic Rhapsody on WLPN 105.5 Lumpen Radio (December 2017)

That Belongs In a Museum: Zines, Presenter (October 2017)

Aliens and Religion, The Owen Society, featured presenter (September, 2017)

Wicker Park: Love, Loss, & Booze, Chicago Detour GPS-guided app voiceover narration (July 2017)

Two Cookie Minimum 7 Year Anniversary, The Hungry Brain (July 2017)

Ever Evolving Bastion of Freakdom: A Quimby’s Panel, Chicago Zine Fest, Plumbers Union Hall, Panelist (May 2017)

That Belongs In a Museum: Corey Hart Ephemera, Presenter (May 2017)

#30DaysofDance video series, Youtube (April 2017)

A 25th Anniversary Celebration of Quimby’s Panel, Chicago Alternative Comics Expo, The Center on Halsted, Panelist (June 2016)

Therapy Sessions with Seth Vanek, featured performer, The Hungry Brain (May 2016)

Live From Quimby's: Weekly Scene Update, Radio Free Bridgeport, WLPN LumpenRadio 105.5, weekly guest (2015-present)

Beer and Zines, Public Craft Brewing Company (Feb 2016)

Please Unfold: A Month of Queer Zines at the Center for Study of Gender and Sexuality, University of Chicago, Collecting Panel, Panelist (January 2016)

Self-Publishers of Chicago Present: Price Gun Warriors, Uncharted Books (Dec 2015)

Quimby's Presents: 3 Songs, 3 Writers Reading Series, LiveWire Lounge, curator/MC (various months, 2015-2017)

This Podcast Will Change Your Life Episode #110, featured guest interview (June 2015)

Sugar Gamers Video Podcast, Chicago Comic Book Tour 2015: Quimby's (May 2015)

Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2), "Self-Publishing Unmasked" Panel, Panelist (April 2015)

New Year's Zine, MC & performer, Geek Bar Beta (January 2015)

Pungent Parlour Reading Series, Black Rock Pub (January 2015)

Chicago Zine Fest, In it for the Long Haul: A Discussion on Longevity in Zines with Cindy Crabb, Tomas Moniz, and Alex Wrekk, Panel Moderator (March 2014)

Cut and Paste: EIU Zine Symposium, Eastern Illinois University, Panelist (March 2014)

Chicago Humanities Festival, Jenette Kahn Interview, Interlocutor (Nov 2013)

Chicago Zine Fest Presents: Hallowzine! Fun-raiser, Benefit, Performance, Reading, Chicago Publishers Resource Center, (Oct 2013)

Kill Yr Idols Reading Series: Tom Verlaine Is Dead, Cole's, (Sep 2013)

Apocalypse Weekly Gossip Column, Words and Sound II: Self-Publishers of Chicago Benefit, Peanut Gallery (Feb 2013)

Two Cookie Minimum Reading, Hungry Brain (November 2011)

Homeroom: Britney Spears 101, Hungry Brain (August 2011)

Selections From Caboose #7: Britney Spears 101, Chicago Zine Fest 2011 Fundrasier, Cole's Bar (March 2011)

Desert Bus: Video Game of the Beast, The Encyclopedia Show Series 3, Volume 7: Video Games, The Vittum Theate (March 2011)

God Save the Zine: Chicago Zine Fest Opening Ceremony Song, Quimby's Bookstore (March 2010)

"Cabinet of Curiosities Series: Quimby's and the MCA Present Dystopias vs. Enchanted Forests," Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago (December 2009)

Rampant Egomania: A Celebrity Autobiographical Reading, curator, performer and MC, The Hungry Brain (2009)

The Slides of March Fundrasier for 826CHI: Decoding Quimby's Mail Art, 826 CHI (2009)

Karaoke Competition, MC Unlympic Games, Nocoast (2009)

LARP Family Dinner Unlympic Games, INCUBATE (2009)

Opening Ceremony Dance Unlympic Games, INCUBATE (2009)

COOP Image Karaoke Competition Fundraiser MC, Ronny's (2008)

Ladyfest Chicago, Quimby's Bookstore (2007)

The Bad Lyrics Project: The Spazzes with Glasses Tour, various national venues (2007)

Around the Coyote Zine Reading, Subterranean (2006)

The National Public Satanic Thrash Metal Radio Pledge Drive, Punk Planet Fundraiser, The Hideout (2006)

20x20x20 Slideshow Presentation: My Teenage Obsession With Corey Hart, Buddy Gallery (2006)

Independent Publishing Expert Coach Session, "Starting Over" reality television show, NBC (2006)

HOTCAKES Speed Zining Event, Quimby's Bookstore (2005)

We Will Rock You: An Extravaganza Celebrating the Importance of the Mixtape, Quimby's Bookstore (2005)

Interview, "Submit: The Unofficial All-Genre Multimedia Guide to Submitting Short Prose" DVD (Elephant Rock Productions), (2005)

Zine-Making Expert Appearance, NBC's Starting Over Reality Show Season 1, episode #184, various Chicago venues (2004).

Zine Guide Readings, Quimby's Bookstore (2001-2005)

selected workshops taught

Zine-Making Workshop, The WasteShed (February 2018)

Zines 101, Chicago Publishing Resource Center (July 2014)

Make-a-Zine Workshop, In Conjunction with My Life Is an Open Book: D.I.Y. Autobiography, Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts, The University of Chicago (March 2013) 

Learnapalooza Zine Workshop, Quimby's Bookstore (Summer 2010)

DePaul University's Discover Chicago: Karaoke 101, The Blue Frog (October 2009)

selected press, reviews & interviews

"5 Questions: Writer Liz Mason,", July 2019

"Featured Zine Review of Cul-de-sac #7,Razorcake #103

"Meet Liz Mason of Quimby’s Bookstore in Wicker Park," VoyageChicago, January 2018

"Indie Bookstore Romance: We Heart Quimby’s!" interview,

"How Chicago's Weirdest Bookstore Keeps Its Edge",, July 2015

"A Different Kind of Comic Convention Hits Town," ChicagoTonight,", June 2015

"Comics Retailer Survey: Good Sales Get Better,", June 2015

"Review of Caboose #7," Xerography Debt #29

"Blogging On: Caboose Zine Profile" Time Out Chicago, December 3-9, 2009

"Bad Lyrics Project Review" Best ZIne Ever! #4 2005

"Distortion: Zine Rack: Caboose #5 Review" UR Magazine August 11-September 7, 2005

"Caboose #5 Review," Reglar Wiglar #21 2005

"More Comix: Caboose #3 Review" Comixville #5 Spring 2003

"Caboose #3 Review," Reglar Wigler #19 2003

"Caboose Zine Review," Best Zine Ever! #1 2002

"Cul-de-sac #6 Review," Venus Zine spring 2002

"Caboose #2 Zine Revew," Xerography Debt #9 October 2002

work displayed in group art exhibitions

“Between the Staples Zine Exhibit” (November, 2017)

"Long-Arm Stapler First Aid Exhibition: Self-Care In Zines and Mini Comics" (co-curation and installation), Spudnik Press Annex (Spring 2013)

My Life is an Open Book: D.I.Y. Autobiography, The Special Collections Research Center Exhibition Gallery, University of Chicago, (Jan-Apr 2013)

"Underground," Woman Made Gallery (Summer 2011)

"DIY/Zine Art Show", Johalla Projects (March 2010)

"Pass It On: Connecting Contemporary Do-It-Yourself Culture" (Spring 2007)

"From Art to Zine," The Columbia Book and Paper Arts Center (Fall 2005)

"Quimby's Turns 15: Historical Ephemera," (curation and installation), The Old Town School of Folk Music (Fall 2004)


Secondary English Teaching Certificate, Northeastern Illinois University, 2000

BA English, University of Oregon, 1996

Buffalo Grove High School, Illinois, 1992

Second City Improv Training 1991-1992



publishing, writing, recording
teaching, performing, editing, purveying books & zines